SFR, IncServices

ResearcherWith over 800 acres of EPA Region IV and V farmland covering a variety of irrigation and soil types in Northeastern Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, SFR, Inc is able to provide advanced agricultural services. A team experienced in weed science, plant pathology, entomology, seed technology, agronomy and plant breeding ensures we can provide high quality, timely and informative data and analysis.

Our services includes:

  • Reasonable Pricing Structure Bid by Project
  • Quality and Timeliness of Reporting
  • Maintenance of Confidentiality
  • Experienced in the Use of Electronic Notebooks
  • Experienced & Trained in UDSA-APHIS and EPA-EUP Compliance
  • Custom Research Plot Planting, Maintenance, Sampling, and Harvesting
  • Custom Research Cotton Ginning
  • Research Monitored by an Independent Quality Assurance Unit
  • Fully compliant with USDA Regulations for Biotechnology (7CFR 340)